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De la gran experiencia de nuestro staff nace SERITEC®, una amplia gama de raclas formuladas para dar respuesta a las más variadas exigencias de la industria serigráfica.

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Tecnocol is produced by pouring the melt into open-air moulds on a hot table. This technology allows for complex design details, increasing physical and mechanical characteristics of the end product.

This type of polyurethane combines the advantages of natural and synthetic rubber (elasticity, high elongation under load) with those of the plastic materials (hardness, high load capacity), allowing technical applications otherwise unattainable.

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Tecnocen sheets - produced pouring the material in a centrifuge – are characterized by homogeneous surface and constant thickness – starting from 0,5 mm – , and are available in hardness from 35 to 95 sh.
We can supply different kind of sheets in standard sizes – 3660x520, 3050x520 and 3000x1000 mm:

  • technical sheets with or without talcum/silicon.
  • sheets with one rough side
  • sheets with both rough sides
  • special striped sheet for industrial cleaning machines, with standard dimensions – mm 3900x390 – or cut-to size.

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Tecnograin items are produced by injection moulding. The specific formula of this thermoplastic granule allows the production of a variety of items characterized by very complex geometry – even with reduced dimensions – respecting strict tolerances. Its peculiar features ensure its easy flow through the mould filling channels.

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The microcellular polyurethane is characterized by a porous structure with open cells. The high volumetric compressibility and the low lateral expansion (80% reduction of the original height and lateral expansion by 40%) make it particularly suitable to be used as a shock absorber element.

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para la industria serigráfica.

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