Tecno designs and manufactures polyurethane products for many fields, among which the Automotive and industrial fields, screen printing, snow removal, geothermal energy, wood and marble processing.

The production cycle is completely internal. The quality process goes along with the manufacturing process, starting from the idea and following all steps, right to the finished product. It includes the design and manufacturing of the mould, the development of the appropriate formulation, the production, the finishing and final testing of the item.

The staff of each department provides its competencies in a direct relationship with the customer, to find optimal solutions for each demand. Thanks to the cooperation between specialized technicians and end users, important prototype projects are being developed.


To give shape to your needs.


Our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction: here you can find quick answers and new solutions.

We are at your disposal, step by step: from the analysis of your request for quotation straight to the delivery, and after on – we provide a complete after-sale service.


It is a self-extinguishing elastomer with extraordinary physical and mechanical properties, characterized by high resistance to abrasion, cutting, tearing and hydrolysis. It can be used at temperatures from -45 to +90 °C, and it is extremely versatile.

If subjected to elongation or compression, after the stress it recovers quickly its original sizes: the elastic memory is one of its peculiar characteristics.

Depending on the application, it is possible to use a specific formulation and a different production technique: we can enhance in the finished product the necessary qualities for a specific use.